We would like to invite you to Busko-Zdrój, a Polish health resort, where you can improve your health, regain your fitness and cure many ailments while surrounded by intact nature and enjoying natural therapies. Busko-Zdrój is located on Ponidzie in Swietokrzyskie Province (80 km from Cracow and 220 km from Warsaw).

In the radius of 50 km, there are no industrial activities so we can enjoy clean air. In addition, the area is characterized by a specific, mild climate, natural sources of healing mineral waters and the highest number of sunny days in Poland. It guarantees a healthy rest and an efficient treatment/therapy and creates a unique aura, which for almost 200 years has attracted visitors who want to improve their health, slow down and relax.


The Health Resort Busko-Zdrój Co. efficiently supports the treatment of arthritis-related, neurological, cardiological, dermatological and chiropodical ailments and illnesses. We efficiently rehabilitate children and adults affected by cerebral palsy. We are proud to be able to support the treatment of a wide range of ailments and illnesses.

Our most significant resources are sulphide water, iodine brine, mud and ”Buskowianka Zdrój” – natural mineral water bottled since 1960. Treatments with natural resources are supported by a wide array of physiotherapy procedures. Our scope of services has been expanded for spa & wellness procedures.

The Health Resort Busko-Zdrój Co. is a renowned brand, which is recognized both domestically and internationally. We attract visitors from Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. We provide spa treatment, hospital treatment, rehabilitation treatment, health resort treatment, outpatient medical treatment, referral and privately paid rehabilitation stays and recreational stays. We can arrange specialist consultation for our Guests and analytical and diagnostic tests. Our spa is furnished with technologically advanced and modern medical equipment used for, among others, diagnostics of osteoporosis. We provide medical care of highly qualified medical and nurse staff. We strive for high standards of services provided to our Guests and the quality of services provided by The Health Resort Busko-Zdrój Co. is confirmed by numerous prizes, awards, and top rankings among health spas in Poland. We own eight natural therapy centers and the most famous one is the Marconi Spa. It is a beautiful, neoclassical and historic building from 1836. Our spa also provides hospital facilities: ”Górka” Specialist Chiropodical-Rehabilitation Hospital and ”Krystyna” Complex Rehabilitation Spa Hospital which, among others, provides immediate care and treatment (a few days after a medical procedure) for patients who have undergone cardiological surgeries. Our centers provide almost 1000 places for our Guests.


We take utmost care that every Guest could enjoy quiet and peaceful environment of our spa. We offer high standard and comfortable room and apartments – most of them are accessible rooms for people with disabilities. Our business concept is to successfully merge tradition with modernity and we see ourselves as a 21st century company.

However, there is more to The Health Resort Busko-Zdrój Co. than medical services. We have prepared a vast range of cultural events for our Guests. International music events such as ”Summer with Chopin” (last year we held the 18th edition of the event) or ”Krystyna Jamroz Festival” attract famous artists and performers from abroad and make the stays at our spa even more attractive. We make our best efforts to provide free time attractions to our Guests. Every week brings concerts, events and meetings with artists and authors. We offer several different ways of spending free time after spa procedures: cycling paths, nordic walking, tennis courts or walks in the beautiful historic spa park around which our spa facilities are located. We cooperate with local travel agents who organize trips around the region.

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